Is the STEM Shortage Real?

  1. CATO: I do not know why anyone respects them to be honest. If you are not familiar with CATO, take a gander at their sourcewatch page. Source Bias: Right Center, Factual Reporting: High
  2. Brookings: Amongst the most well respected think tanks. I am not a fan, but they are considered to be incredibly reliable. Source Bias: Left Center, Factual Reporting: Very High

Wage Data

Source: BLS


Technology and Math

What do STEM Grads do?

H-1B Visa Reform

Source MPI MPI Bias: Left Center, Factual Reporting: High

Answering the most common (and worst) response




unpublished stuff *anon*

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The Boomer Times

The Boomer Times

unpublished stuff *anon*

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