Thomas Sowell has some weird arguments about race that he has spread to many people. His fans are dogmatic, no less so than SJW’s, and their views need to be confronted with the relevant facts instead of being ignored.

What He Believes

Correct me if I am wrong, however, I believe that he…

White People Deserve to Know

There are many well meaning whites who engage in activism to the point of mental illness.

This is not an endorsement of ideology based on these rates, it is just me saying that maybe if super liberal people worried about something other than race, you could see some differences.


Have People Gotten Smarter?

I seldom interact with people who bring up the Flynn Effect as an argument anymore, but a lot of people have contacted me for a refutation on it. The quick one is this quote right here. Just copy and paste it and move along with your day.

“In actual practice…

I have had a lot of academic instructors (I think 6) over the years mention autism in context of vaccinations. Most of the time they sound like Trump — not exactly sure what they are talking about, but there is a degree of preaching to the choir. It is very…

The Boomer Times

unpublished stuff *anon*

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