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“No doubt, real racists will seize upon a genetic component in the racial IQ gap as a defense of their position. But we know that in fact, it does not provide the classical racist with any defense at all.

A disclaimer to be made is that I do not think that this is even intentional, it is way too basic of errors to be a meticulous plan for “liberal indoctrination,” in fact, so basic that people that people may not even believe me.

Statistical Illiteracy

Misinterpretation of statistics is a pervasive phenomenon in the field of health behavior intervention research and the people who this sort of research are not confined to a single topic. These sorts of individuals with a poor sense of statistics have all kinds of publications. …

Thomas Sowell has some weird arguments about race that he has spread to many people. His fans are dogmatic, no less so than SJW’s, and their views need to be confronted with the relevant facts instead of being ignored.

What He Believes

Correct me if I am wrong, however, I believe that he has stated that the welfare state caused divergence in single motherhood rates between blacks and whites, the violent crime is from the southern white people — and that is also where the rap music came from. Basically, whatever his views are, they are notoriously bad and they are all wrong…

White People Deserve to Know

There are many well meaning whites who engage in activism to the point of mental illness.

This is not an endorsement of ideology based on these rates, it is just me saying that maybe if super liberal people worried about something other than race, you could see some differences.

A meta analysis by Emil showed that these are not some trivial coincidences that happened on a single survey — they were robust findings and what really was the kicker is that it is the most far left that has the psychological issues. …

Have People Gotten Smarter?

I seldom interact with people who bring up the Flynn Effect as an argument anymore, but a lot of people have contacted me for a refutation on it. The quick one is this quote right here. Just copy and paste it and move along with your day.

“In actual practice tests are periodically renormed so that the mean remains at 100. The result of this recentering is that the tests maintain their predictive validity, indicating that the FE gains are indeed hollow. If the gains were real and the tests were renormed, people at a given IQ would be getting…

I want to stress this about the whole gene-environment interaction stuff in context of the race and IQ debate.

Here is an article on the interactionist position. We have seen the similarities between identical twins raised apart. If the argument is that black genes just aren’t built for “white environments” then I am curious as to what the solution is? Sending people to Africa seems inhumane.

What Else is There?

It has been found that there is considerable publication bias in psychiatry GxE studies that causes a high rate of replication failure (Duncan, 2010).

Another paper found

“Regarding future cGXE studies, perhaps the most…

Often times, non-g tests have a considerable g loading, others not so much. One thing is for sure, it doesn’t actually matter if you like the g factor or not. These race differences exist, in part because the g factor exists, but we are going to step into the world of g not being real and see if that actually would change anything.

With time, I will go over all of the non-g models, but I will start with the following: Bodily-Kinesthetic, Emotional, Spatial, Creative, and Spiritual Intelligence. Obviously, emotional intelligence overlaps tremendously with “interpersonal” and “intrapersonal” intelligence, and creative…

I have had a lot of academic instructors (I think 6) over the years mention autism in context of vaccinations. Most of the time they sound like Trump — not exactly sure what they are talking about, but there is a degree of preaching to the choir. It is very likely that they know what they are talking about and make the worst possible argument EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I just do not really see the point in giving this spiel to students where an instructor goes full “science man” (or woman), pulls up a study, and says it is debunked.


Nobody likes a deboonker

“According to mutualism theory, general intelligence emerges from positive interactions between cognitive abilities such as reading and maths so that, over time, they become more related to one another. This would explain why people who are good at one task also tend to perform well on others.” — Simpson-Kent, 2020

The mutualist model seems to fail any line of reason. About 76% of respondents to Rindermann’s 2020 survey favored a g factor model, and 16% favored specific abilities (mutualism is a subset of this school of thought). 16% was also the % of respondents who did not believe a genetic…

Occam’s Razor Strikes Again

You know the old line “13–50,” yes, African Americans commit a lot of murder compared to other races. Many people assert that it is for socioeconomic reasons, and if you ask any more questions, you will be told how socioeconomics is really hard to quantify (it is easy), and it is just too complicated to even explain — but trust me it is the socioeconomics!

Should somebody assert that the environment is causing these differences in homicide rates in a free market system, we must ask why these environments are the way that they are. Is it due to the…

The Boomer Times

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